Dead Lakes, Mr. Cheap Butts, and Panama Shitty

We drove up to Dead Lakes, FL, where the forests had flooded and the lake is eerily punctuated with grey, gnarly stumps. The photos are great: Dead Lakes

There were a few places that lived up to the redneck name, usually involving men in camo jackets, standing beside busted pick-up trucks and staring. We just wave, put her in reverse, and back away. We did buy some of the famous Tupelo honey, but not from the "Mr. Cheap Butts" convenient store. We did not have lunch at Po Folks' Seafood, Chicken and So Forth. We did however, pick up some Killer Simmering Sauce from Killer Seafood however, which is waiting for our next batch of Gulf Shrimp.

We stayed the night at an RV park in Panama City, but didn't even get out of the RV. Panama City sucks. We got out of there as quickly as possible. We drove through the beach communities North of Panama City (where they filmed the Truman Show), but Mom started feeling sad that she would never be able to afford a retirement home there.

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