Plans? What plans?

For our last day in Santa Fe, we decided to visit the Georgia O'Keeffe Museum. Niether one of us were a really big fan, but, since we were in O'Keeffe Country. . . It was nice to instantly translate the landscape to the paintings, but we didn't stay there long. We did, however, have a fancy lunch at the O'Keeffe cafe right next door. We had field mushroom soup, duck confit, lam chops, and a chocolate something with homemade cappuccino ice cream. And some wine, of course.

Then, we went for a long walk on Canyon Rd, with over 100 art galleries and studios to browse. What an awesome place. Our favorite gallery of the day was Chiaroscuro, where the manager was happy to stay late and pull out the paintings of Michelle Mikesell, our favorite artist of the day. Love this city!!

But, time to move on. The parking lot that let us stay overnight for free, told us we had to be out by 8:00am, so, we were already on the highway, driving North, when Nicole got an email that a dear college friend of hers lived in Albuquerque. Nicole: "Hmmm…. Mom? is it okay if we change our plans?" Mary Lou: "Did we actually have plans, daughter?" Nicole: "Right on, Mom. Turn her around!"

We stopped at Petroglyph National Park on our back to Albuquerque. Took the two mile walk into the valley, skirting the edge of the lava flow, to find the ancient petroglyphs pecked and carved into the flat lava rocks. Nicole spent a really fun night out with her long lost friend, meeting his beautiful wife, and lovely friends, and listening to some great live music. Good times.

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